Comic 909 - 29.28

10th Feb 2020, 8:49 PM in 29. Unexpected Hardships
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So based on what you said about the whole brush with death thing...I wonder...if K'mael can put Ji near death, will whatever's influencing him "abandon" him and free him?

I'm curious about this puzzle too, because it doesn't seem like there's a "side" the book has been on, unless it's a LotR scenario and it's doing what it must (patiently) to get to someone/somewhere...
Matt Knab
They may have to test that theory the hard way. :(

The book's purpose is quite the mystery. After all, it gave D'kan the information (and drive?) to resurrect Daemon Ra which has since drawn all the Minions to Felora. But is also gave K'mael what he needed to save the planet. It doesn't add up just yet.
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