Comic 810 - 28.32

25th Sep 2018, 3:48 PM in 28. Picking up the Pieces
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Matt Knab
Not only do trolls have sizable litters of young, their young can hunt their own food within just a few months of birth! Child rearing is...much less of a commitment in their culture...
It isn't common to have humanoid character have animal traits like having a litter, but that's also why I love it :D So much universe development, even the tiny details :)

I'm a bit curious about the " know?" comment though. Is there something particularly special to Elven breeding?
Matt Knab
Thanks! I liked the idea that Trolls are sorta on the edge of being an animal species. Taken in that perspective, some of Torlu's attitudes make more sense, haha.

Mil's comment is more that she didn't think Torlu knew that the dimensional boundary is now maintained by her life force and that it's a trait that would be passed down to her progeny. The only way to protect the world from demonic incursion is to have a lot of kids to be certain her line won't die out.
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