Comic 732 - 27.57

1st Sep 2017, 6:18 AM in 27. Sacrifice
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Ooof, he looks super intimidating in that top panel O.O

I dunno how you do it, but your color gradients works so well. That reddish brown to blue/gray looks awesome O.O
Matt Knab
Thanks, but it's nothing really! I just use a big brush set to screen, with the color of the light source, and I give it a few swipes. :)
Are the "points" of Skiff's Aura power filling with more black every time they appear, or am I reading too much into their appearance?
Matt Knab
The idea is that the orange part flickers and moves like a fire, so it'll rise and fall a bit. That's a really good idea, though!
Absolute power corrupts...
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