Comic 701 - 27.26

16th May 2017, 11:56 AM in 27. Sacrifice
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Catching characters up to speed is hard to do without sounding repetitive for the audience, but essential for the continuity of the story. I think you summed things up nicely here!

But seriously, guys...why are you late?? (would they have really made a big enough difference? I feel like they still wouldn't have fought cohesively enough together)
Matt Knab
Thanks Proxy!

As for their tardiness, I blame Eliad's supernaturally strong ability to get lost! :)
Well, not technically stronger than Ra, but certainly better at working around Elron, eh?
Matt Knab
They've also had thousands of years of their extended life spans to think of ways to face a foe as strong as Ra. Of course, so did Elron, but Skiff turned out to be tricky as well as just strong.
At least Mehdurian's wife isn't here.
Matt Knab
Ah, poor Floriel. She's back at their house in the woods in full mother mode. I'm sure we'll see her other side someday.
Ah, boys catching up on the good old days.
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