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6th Sep 2016, 6:37 AM in 26. The Harbinger of Ruin
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Matt Knab 6th Sep 2016, 6:39 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Now that Elton's been given a one way trip to the Deep...
Who's up next?


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Maybe it's the "one way" aspect but... This crushes me D: certainly we can get him back?? T__T

*edit* Driving home today, I'm like...did he just George R.R. Martin Elron?? D:
Matt Knab
The good news is, if anyone can survive in the Deep, it's Elron. While it's VERY difficult to push up through the dimensional boundary from the Deep to the material plane, it's not too hard to pull someone/something through from this side. The bad news is...someone needs to know to do so. We're rather short on witnesses at the moment. :(
Bel could save Elron in a snap, IF he finds out exactly what just happened.
This reminds me a bit of the beginning of the book "Elminster in Hell" when the demon lord Nergal imprisons Elminster in Hell and tortures his mind to try to extract the secret of Mystra's silver magic.
Matt Knab
I think the denizons of the Deep are going to be rather angry at Skiff for sending Elron there, though. XD
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