Comic 60 - 21.32

20th Oct 2013, 10:02 PM in 21. A Fate Yet to be Sealed
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Hahah I love that troll riding :D
Matt Knab
Troll riding should be a new Olympic sport! The trick is to not get eaten during the competition!
Easy.. the good old 'carrot on a stick' technique should do the trick. Although I would rather suggest putting there something else instead of a carrot. I don't think trolls would be impressed by vegetables :P
Do you know this francobelgian Comic... lanfeust of troy?
There are trolls in that Comic too, and they eat humans.
You can enchant one and he will follow you then and becomes a civilized person, but if he gets drunk the spell loses it`s power.
Also not many People can enchant them.
Matt Knab
I had not heard of that one, but it sounds like an interesting idea!
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