Comic 553 - 25.83

17th Sep 2015, 5:18 AM in 25. Beyond Light and Dark
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Matt Knab 17th Sep 2015, 5:18 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Um...let's take this outside?


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Exercising is best when done outside :D
Matt Knab
Fresh ocean air, the sound of the waves, etc. XD
Hahah, I love the serious lack of effort on his part. It's as natural to blast another across the area as it would be for him to scratch his nose... oh... wait...
Matt Knab
Yeah...Skiff at this point is so far above our heroes that he's just annoyed at how...annoying they're being!
This is really looking bad for the good guys!
This page looks so damn cool, it could also be a pinup.
Matt Knab
Thanks Stever, and WELCOME BACK!!! XD
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