Comic 479 - 25.9

11th Mar 2015, 4:29 PM in 25. Beyond Light and Dark
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Matt Knab 11th Mar 2015, 4:29 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Hey, it's Alisten!
With his ability to achieve Aura, Al is a good deal stronger than Belemon, which makes the magician nervous and wary. Prepared, Belemon would still have the upper hand, but Al and Rem both are still very big "wild cards" that put him on edge.


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Alisten!!! *commence fangirl swooning* XD
I think anyone would eventually get tired of fighting for all eternity ;D
Matt Knab
Yeah, there's gotta be coffee breaks in there somewhere...
That is not going to stop Belemon from is that very bravado that gives him an edge. Even though he may be nervous on the inside, he has the thickest skin of all the characters in Felora. Nobody knows what Belemon is thinking except Belemon....and perhaps Elron.
Matt Knab
He's cultivated this image for a very long time, he's not going to stop now. :)
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