Comic 472 - 25.2

23rd Feb 2015, 4:18 PM in 25. Beyond Light and Dark
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Matt Knab 23rd Feb 2015, 4:18 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Count on Elron to know what's going on in the world.


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Good thing he's here to explain things.
Matt Knab
Elron does seem to turn up at convenient times...
I hope I'm half as knowledgable as he is when I'm an old dude.
Matt Knab
I know, right?! :D
with age comes wisdom.. lots of it .. some it actually helpful on occasion ! :D
Matt Knab
Elron does try to help, at least. I'd be rather frightened if he aimed to do harm!
You'd think the pompous know-it-all advisor who made Felora into his own personal spell book would know if dimensional barriers are about to disastrously collapse.
Matt Knab
Good point!
Yeah, it's not like Belemon to be caught with his pants down, so to speak. I guess this sort of thing is so rare that he doesn't think to set up spells to monitor it. It's like setting up a spell to check if the sun is about to explode - it doesn't exactly happen often and there's not a whole lot you can do about it if it does.
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