Comic 47 - 21.19

14th Oct 2013, 9:57 PM in 21. A Fate Yet to be Sealed
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Troll speed!
Matt Knab
If the internet is any indication, trolls are usually the first on the scene? :)
Not that I'm not impressed by Torlu's speed but he's not thinking again. He was once beaten up by this guy, and they were supposed to take on him in a group and he's just took this one little lady and I am 120% sure he's not stopping :P

Will save this moment and continue tomorrow again ^^
Matt Knab
If at first you don't succeed? I think he's eager for a rematch, and not really thinking tactically.
Thanks for all the comments! I really appreciate them all and hope that you are enjoying the story!
Can't wait till you get caught up and start seeing the newer color stuff.
nicely done on the speed effect here - I like it
Matt Knab
Thanks! Sometimes I go a little overboard on the speed lines. ;)
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