Comic 453 - Combining Elements, The Third Gathering (Volume 17 of the Feloran Chronicles)

3rd Jan 2015, 7:42 PM in Feloran History
Combining Elements, The Third Gathering (Volume 17 of the Feloran Chronicles)
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Matt Knab 3rd Jan 2015, 7:42 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
A new plot begins to envelop Felora.  Two Minions, the manipulative Pa'Ral and the insectoid Berial, collaborate to lead their "candidate" - Maxine Low, the Prime Elemental known as Conduit - to a position of greater power and influence.  While Berial engineers environmental disasters of increasing severity, Pa'Ral secretly encourages Conduit to gather the other Elements and take an active role in mitigating those disasters, even fighting a "villain" that Berial had created to take responsibility for the chaos.  The efforts of the Elements and the other powerful individuals on Felora are not enough, however. In order to undo the damage to Felora's weather Conduit extends her influence across the entire globe and forces nature itself into calmness.  Ki confronts Conduit, though, claiming that what she had done - enforcing a calm on a world not ready for such a change - was even worse than the disasters that had come before.  As the world recovered from the false calm, it would be far, far worse.  Conduit decides on a different outcome.  She and the Elements would maintain control over Felora's nature.  Permanently.  Ki takes his leave, disappointed and disgusted.

Time passes, and The Feloran Empire's grand festival comes again.  Phoren returns to Felora as Earth's ambassador.  Upon his arrival, however, he is plagued by brief flashes of a distant figure that vanishes upon his notice.  Phoren decides to participate in the tournament as well, but the battles are interrupted by a new arrival - a cocky man who announce himself as Belemon, Magician Prime, Minion of Daemon Ra.  In front of the crowd of onlookers, he challenges the Feloran's greatest warrior to single combat.  Mito accepts the challenge.

Belemon is able to match Mito's speed and strength, grabs the other man's arm and, with a quick spell, begins to change Mito's flesh to stone!  Mito is able to blast off the infected arm before succumbing fully to the magic.
Meanwhile, Phoren uses his discerning eyes to analyze Belemon.  He quickly realizes that the magician was intentionally drawing all eyes to him as a distraction for something else.  He searches the arena and finds that near-invisible figure he had see earlier - right behind the Empress!  Phoren flings his energy sphere just in time to save the Empress from the figure's knife.

The arena erupts into chaos as the other Feloran warriors leap into action.  Though the assassin vanishes, the battle against Belemon rages.  Phoren is able to defuse the situation, though, by revealing Belemon's true intentions.  The Minion did not want anyone to die that day.  Belemon admits that the whole situation was a test of sorts, one that the Felorans had passed.  He announces that he would assist the Feloran Empire - whether his help was welcome or not.

A short distance away, the assassin - the Minion Phaithe, is ambushed by another Minion...Mehdurian.  He snatches a small bag from Phaithe and, brandishing his prize and threatening to destroy it, orders the woman to obey him...


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Gorgeous cover!

Today's description was great. The fight between Belemon and Mito sounds really exciting.
Matt Knab
Bel vs. Mito WAS pretty cool. I may ink it one day as a flashback. :)
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