Comic 389 - When Giants Collide (Volume 16 of the Feloran Chronicles)

28th Sep 2014, 2:06 PM in Feloran History
When Giants Collide (Volume 16 of the Feloran Chronicles)
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Matt Knab 28th Sep 2014, 2:06 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
While the group of Minions and mortals gather to discuss the situation with D'kan, the possessed sorcerer is drawn out to the desert. There, a tent city of nomadic peoples had sprung up around a statue they had discovered buried in the sand. This statue was no normal carved stone, however, it was a golem and another or Ra's former Minions! The dark spirit drives D'kan, as always, to attack and battle ensues.

With Kylie providing their destination, Parthan teleports the group – Anthony, Eliad, the Nameless Warrior, Adele and Ji Baran, Warren, Kylie, and Tori - to the site of the battle. Parthan and Eliad leap into the battle. Anthony himself, however, has to turn control over his body to Vampire Lord Volkanar in order to transform. Fortunately, the Vampire Lord bears much hatred for the dark spirit that had used him for so long.

As the Minions engage, the Warrior is held back by K'mael, who had suddenly appeared to tell him to wait for his moment.

While the Minions battle, Kylie enters D'kan's mind in an attempt to set the sorcerer free. The dark spirit discovers her, and Kylie begins to battle its mind directly! Enraged by the attack on multiple fronts, the spirit becomes enraged, unleashing more power than they had expected. To everyone's dismay, the possessed sorcerer begins to form the wings of Aura. Just when all looked to be lost, Adele, D'kan's apprentice and linked to the sorcerer's own power, channels as much energy as she is able to – draining it away from D'kan! It is just enough to make the forming Aura falter.

In D'kan's mind, having seen the bravery of Adele, Kylie, and the others, or perhaps just taking advantage of the spirit's distraction, D'kan is able to gather the force of will to break his bonds and begins to wrest control back. D'kan's interference allows the battle to swing back against the dark spirit. Once it was clear that defeat was near, the dark spirit abandons D'kan and attempts to possess the nearby Parthan! Parthan, however, was secretly wearing the new Pirodin created by the Nameless Warrior and the dark spirit was drawn inside its new prison!

Before Parthan can pick up the now occupied Pirodin, Volkanar retrieves it. United again, the Vampire Lord is empowered by the dark force of the Priodin.
Only one power can combat this monster, K'mael tells the Warrior. And only one man can wield it. K'mael reveals that the Nameless Warrior is actually the legendary Hisan the Protector. At the mage's insistence, Hisan summons forth the Eloran, the Lifestone, from its resting place half a world away and becomes whole once more.

Meanwhile, however, Volkanar is able to defeat Parthan easily. The others would be next, except for the intervention of D'kan, freshly healed by Tori. The sorcerer, now free of the dark spirit, uses his magic, enchantments, and illusions to delay the Vampire Lord until the restored Hisan the Protecter is able to step forward and assume the battle. This time, Hisan has the upper hand and is able to take the Pirodin back. D'kan uses his sorcerer to force the vampire back into human form, giving control back to Anthony.

Hisan leaves to return the Eloran to its new home, but not before leaving the Pirodin with the unconscious Parthan. As unwise as this might seem, Hisan had made a promise to the man. Before Parthan could wake and claim his payment, however, Ji Baran snatches up the Pirodin and...eats it, much to the bafflement of all present.

The group goes their separate ways. Parthan is left behind, and he is taken in by the desert nomads and nursed back to health. Eliad, Kylie, Warren, and Tori return to the Feloran Capital. Anthony, spends some time with D'kan, Adele, and Ji in their Avian tower.
K'mael and Hisan travel to some distant place and, now both whole and at the height of their power, have one final battle. The clash of their power is cataclysmic. In the end, though, they find themselves true equals. They return to Felora friends and allies, with the agreement to come to each others aid in times of hardship.


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Matt Knab
Side note that wasn't crucial to the story of this volume - Yoshimuri the Second used the Lifestone to empower and grand life to his ultimate creation: Yoshimuri the Third! While the Eloran/Lifestone was being used by Hisan in this battle, Yosh was left in a coma and near death. Hisan returns it to him at the conclusion, however, and it still remains within the young man to this day.
Do you do these awesome pin ups just for our history lessons, or are they works that you've previously done?
Matt Knab
They're brand new!
Well, this one is 3 weeks old because it took me awhile to find the time to write the summary. :)
Wow. Looks great, man. :D
Perhaps it's the name, but I have a soft spot for Anthony - he must be pretty strong to keep that vampire in check.
Matt Knab
Anthony definitely has quite the willpower!
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