Comic 366 - 24.11

27th Aug 2014, 3:46 PM in 24. The Demonic Incursion
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Finding your way out of trouble is definitely an important skill ;D
Matt Knab
That it is! And it's a skill he has honed over the years!
Toxic Keg
That's the thing about telling a story about yourself. If you're telling it, it takes the suspense out of whether you live or die.
Matt Knab
Haha, that's the truth!
great page :D
Matt Knab
Thanks! Must have some quiet scenes in between the action. :)
haha, that's what I said, Elron! XD
Matt Knab
You took the words right out of his mouth. :)
It's funny to see Eliad correcting anyone on anything
Matt Knab
Heheh, he DOES have his areas of expertise. Not many, but still. ;)
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