Comic 358 - 24.5

15th Aug 2014, 4:22 PM in 24. The Demonic Incursion
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Matt Knab 15th Aug 2014, 4:22 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Hrm...NOW we're getting somewhere.


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Whoa man, this is getting deep! Sorta like selling your soul to the devil for riches and fame.
Matt Knab
Pretty much! Teiger seems a bit too eager to sell off his body parts...
My preeeeeciiiooouuussss!!
Matt Knab
He does seem rather obsessed, eh? :)
I sort of think at this point, he's going to get some answers. Patience can be cruel in this case.
Matt Knab
Straxus tends to find out what he wants to know!
Oh Teiger, you shoot yourself in the foot again...won't someone give Straxus a challenge? :D
Matt Knab
Yeah, that didn't take long to get him to start spilling the beans.
Straxus is probably a little disappointed he doesn't get to play a bit more!
In his refusal to tell anything...Teiger actually told Straxus everything he needed to hear. What a concept!
Matt Knab
Straxus has been playing this game a LOT longer than Teiger. :)
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