Comic 353 - Varying Degrees of Virtue. (Volume 15 of The Feloran Chronicles)

10th Aug 2014, 7:31 PM in Feloran History
Varying Degrees of Virtue. (Volume 15 of The Feloran Chronicles)
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Matt Knab 10th Aug 2014, 7:31 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
While Kylie is using her telepathy to discover that D'kan is a prisoner in his own mind, the dark force of the Pirodin uses the sorcerer's body to wreak havoc at the arena. Parthan and Everline join forces in an unlikely alliance against the greater foe. Even their combined strength, however, is not enough to defeat the possessed Minion.
When the Nameless Warrior arrives, holding what appears to be a new Pirodin, the dark force controlling D'kan panics and flees and is able to escape pursuit.

In time, the Felorans rebuild and repair the damage. Corellan and Essan, who had come from Earth for the Gathering, remained to assist in the repairs. A stranger appears to confront the two, and Essan, at first glance, immediately transforms into the berserker form that he had used in the tournament and attacks. The stranger is able to defend himself, though, by summoning small orbs of magical energy and using them to pummel the berserking Essan. Corellan tries to intervene and is quickly subdued by the stranger. By now, their fight has drawn the attention of others nearby, and Yoshimuri the Third arrives to stop it. Unlike Corellan, Yosh is too powerful to be injured by the swirling magic spheres.
The stranger, realizing that Yoshimuri is a representative of the Feloran Empire, submits to his authority. He introduces himself as Phoren, and claims that Essan was a dangerous criminal that he was sent to apprehend. He is able to say little more than that before Essan attacks! Yoshimuri stops Essan as well, and both men are taken into custody until the truth could be sorted out.

Imprisoned, the two men offer different tales. Phoren claims Essan is a madman and murderer. Essan, that Phoren’s Clan Onide had nearly wiped out his own in a Clan war. Even though Phoren is able to prove that he was operating under order by the U.C.E., Everline refuses to turn Essan over to him. She grants Essan amnesty, and sends Phoren back to Earth along with Corellan.

Meanwhile, Anthony arrives to enlist Kylie’s aid in tracking down the possessed D’kan. He, Eliad, Parthan, and the Nameless Warrior have joined forces and are preparing to launch their assault on the dark spirit...


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Matt Knab
Another special weekend update! See you tomorrow for the first page of Volume 24!
Clanjack Farlo
*low whistle*
Tomorrow begins another volume! Can't wait! :D
Matt Knab
Almost here! :D
Floaty ball power! Awesome. :D
Matt Knab
Like the new avatar, by the way!
Where were those glowing balls during the attack on earth?
Matt Knab
Phoren helped fight the mechs. ;D
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