Comic 348 - Guest art from Proxy170

5th Aug 2014, 4:18 PM
Guest art from Proxy170
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Matt Knab 5th Aug 2014, 4:18 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Fan art from Proxy170! This was both unexpected and awesome. This is definitely Straxus' dream in a nutshell. :) Thanks again!
Make sure to check out Proxy's own comic Project Arc!

Oh also, nothing big, but I added a incentive for the TWC vote. It's a shot from an earlier volume, when The Nameless warrior was fighting D'kan. For those who read the copy in rl, it is indeed the Poke of Doom. :)


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Nicely done, Proxy170!
Matt Knab
Indeed! XD
Those are what my eyes are like after smoking a cigar ;D
Clanjack Farlo
Very nice work, Proxy170! The painting is wonderfully done, and the lens flare adds so much to the piece! :)
Matt Knab
Proxy definitely did a great job with this. :)
This is super awesome. :-D
Matt Knab
I think so too!
Ooooh! Nice job, Prox! :D Epic lense flare. JJ Abrams is proud of you.
Haha needs more lens flare!! Otherwise how will they know we're in space?? XD
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