Comic 341 - Multiple Shades of Darkness (Volume 14 of the Feloran Chronicles)

27th Jul 2014, 5:48 PM in Feloran History
Multiple Shades of Darkness (Volume 14 of the Feloran Chronicles)
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Matt Knab 27th Jul 2014, 5:48 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
While Anthony continues his search for the dark force of the Pirodin, D'kan sets out to find his missing spellbook. He tracks down K'mael and confronts the human mage. K'mael confirms that the book could provide the secrets to Ji Baran's ramblings, but he points out that D'kan has much greater concerns – for the dark force of the Pirodin had taken refuge within the sorcerer himself!

The dark force begins to stir at its discovery. It is all D'kan can do to keep it under control long enough to reach the Capital in search of Anthony. He fails to find the vampire Minion quickly enough, however, and begins to lose control. He draws the attention of Everline and her allies, who quickly assume that the “evil sorcerer” had returned with a new attack against them. The dark force compels D'kan to fight, and the Felorans are hard pressed to defend against him, even with the timely assistance of Eliad Blaque. The possessed D'kan is eventually forced to flee, but not before greatly injuring the Feloran warriors and taking the life of Everline's mother, Terry.

For a long time, D'kan secludes himself in the wilderness, wrestling with the evil spirit within him. His own past misdeeds undermine him, however, and the force eventually defeats him, chaining him in his own mind.

Meanwhile, the Nameless Warrior has taken up studies at the Academy. While holding the Pirodin, his memory failed; but now, it was perfect. He quickly learned all he could about magic, especially sealing magic, with the hopes that he could cast a new, better prison for the dark force.

Time passes, and the second Gathering takes place. Many faces, old and new, arrive to compete at the tournament. Little do they know that D'kan, now fully controlled by the dark force of the Pirodin, has arrived as well.

Jerlek, the sage and headmaster of the Academy, feels the darkness approaching the Capital and sends the Warrior to complete his mission. The Warrior is intercepted, however, by none other than K'mael. The human mage, still sore over his loss to the Warrior at the first Gathering, had come for a rematch! It is quickly apparent that K'mael was now the most powerful of the two, due to his greatly increased magical prowess due to the stolen book. The Warrior tells K'mael of his mission, though, and K'mael agrees that mission is of much greater importance than their contest. The two make a promise to meet again when their powers are a match.

Meanwhile, the Gathering's tournament is in full swing. At the height of one battle, the posessed D'kan lashes out and obliterates a huge section of the arena! All of the assembled warriors engage the rampaging Minion. Parthan had also been watching and, thinking that D'kan had discovered the power of the Pirodin and had taken it for himself, leaps to join the battle! Kylie attempts to distract D'kan telepathically and discovers the truth – that D'kan was all but a prisoner in his own mind! Within that darkness, she gazes into the eyes of the real monster...


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Woo! That looks awesome, man. :D
Matt Knab
Thanks! :)
Daaaaang, that gentleman looks LEGIT!
WOW that coloring job is AMAZING! Really great job, you can totally feel the energy in this pic!
Matt Knab
Something about this page just clicked - from pencils to finished colors took about an hour and a half. It helps that D'kan is one of my favorite characters that I've barely drawn in ages. :)
1.5 hrs??? Wow that's incredible! 1.5 hrs and I MIGHT have a sketch in place. You are seriously good.
These pinups that you do for the History pages always turn out so great!
Matt Knab
I had a lot of fun with this one. :)
That's beautiful!!!
Matt Knab
Thanks! This really came out exactly as I envisioned it.
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