Comic 337 - 23.89

22nd Jul 2014, 4:08 PM in 23. The Invasion of Earth
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Author Notes:

Matt Knab 22nd Jul 2014, 4:08 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
I get the feeling that Belemon wanted to do this last time they were here.


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Haha! Very nice :D
Clanjack Farlo
Whoooa. Dat's some serious power dere.
Awesome page! ^_^
Matt Knab
Belemon could *probably* have taken over Earth by himself. But that would be too much like work...
PERFECT. Now if a brick could come back down and fall on the UCE council and Belemon's head, that would be wonderful XD
Matt Knab
Double KO! XD
Hmm.... Looks like SOMEONE ate their Wheaties this morning!
Matt Knab
That or a truckload of spinach!
The roof! The roof! The roof is...GONE!
Matt Knab
At least it's not raining?
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