Comic 330 - Portents of Things to Come (Volume 13 of the Feloran Chronicles)

12th Jul 2014, 2:43 PM in Feloran History
Portents of Things to Come (Volume 13 of the Feloran Chronicles)
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Matt Knab 12th Jul 2014, 2:43 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Anthony travels to the Demon's Isle to consult with D'kan about their recent confrontations, first with the Nameless Warrior and then with Parthan. No sooner does he arrive, though, when they are interrupted by the arrival of another Minion, the demon Ji Baran, plummeting straight down out of the sky! Anthony tells D'kan that Ji was Ra's hound and foot soldier, and mostly harmless when left to his own devices. They are both surprised when Ji launches an all out attack, blasting a huge hole through the top of the Isle! Ji brutally attacks D'kan, ignoring everything else. D'kan is able to fend off the ravening demon, but it is clear that Ji is out for blood.
Disturbed by the damage being wrought to their lair, Harbinger offers to assist in Ji's defeat on the condition that D'kan then leaves and establishes his “home” elsewhere. D'kan agrees.
Harbinger summons forth a horde of lesser demon spawn as well as a titan. Together they subdue Ji and D'kan takes the crazed Minion prisoner. The sorcerer then uses magic to shrink his home into a small magical sphere and departs. D'kan decides to join his apprentice Adele in the Avian capital, while Anthony continues his search for information on the Nameless Warrior and his mysterious crystal.

The imprisoned Ji Baran mutters constantly in an uninterpretable language. D'kan attempts to study the language, but finds the one book he needs the most to do so is missing, not knowing that the mage K'mael had recently stolen it!

Anthony manages to track down the Nameless Warrior. He is able to open a dialogue with the man, and tells him of Parthan's demands. The Warrior agrees that it would be a disaster if Parthan were able to repair the gem, but his amnesia has robbed him of the memory of the gem's origins as well as his name. They form a pact, however, to track down the information they need and to stop Parthan.

Between them, they discover that the gem was called the Pirodin, and that it was actually mentioned in ancient vampire lore. Unfortunately, “ancient” vampire lore was still long after Anthony was recruited by Ra and left to be a part of the Demon Lord's star-spanning Empire, so he had no knowledge of it. Further research reveals that the Pirodin was among the most powerful relics of the ancient vampire nation. It came to be wielded by a vampire named Volkanar who used it to become a lord among the vampire race as he layed waste to the mortal world. Volkanar was slowly stripped of memory and sense of self, however, and was filled with some other, darker awareness. Soon, even the vampire nation came to fear “Volkanar the Cursed”.
It came to be, though, that another stone of great power, the Eloran, was taken up by a champion of the race of man. It was so that Hisan the Protector was empowered by the Eloran to stand against Volkanar and the Pirodin. After a terrible battle, Hisan was victorious and sealed Volkanar and dark force with him back into the Pirodin gem.
Hisan decided that the stones' power was too great for any one man, or monster, to possess. He resolved to travel to the far ends of the earth to find a place to keep them hidden and safe. In a distant land, Hisan came upon a race of behemoths and found them to be an honorable people. He built a shrine in their midst and placed with in the Eloran, that which would later come to be known as the Lifestone. Hisan could find no place for the Pirodin, however, that would be safe from the monsters that would seek it. So, he kept the stone with him, forever, guarding it and the force imprisoned within it...

“Imprisoned within it...” Anthony repeats to himself. If the Pirodin was a prison, what happened to the dark force within it when the stone was shattered? It would have fled into the closest host it could find to hide until it could build it's strength. Anthony is not able to sense anything within the Warrior, so, anxiety building, he travels to Earth. There, he runs into two old friends and fellow Minions who had detected his magical transport and came to investigate: Eliad Blaque and Regallan Fashan. After a brief explanation, the two join Anthony on his important quest. It doesn't take them long to track down the other unprotected human that was present at the Pirodin's shattering, the girl who shattered it – poor, innocent Criss.

Sure enough, Anthony is able to coerce Criss into revealing the truth – that the spirit of the vampire lord Volkanar had possessed her body! But even the vampire lord's blood thirst combined with Criss' supernatural strength, it was no match for three Minions. Still, Anthony was reluctant to harm the girl. Feeling responsible for the situation, he offers his own vampiric body to Volkanar. The vampire lord is quick to accept, but is surprised when Anthony, despite being so possessed, is able to force himself into his human form and re-assume control. As long as Anthony stayed as a young human boy, Volkanar would be trapped within him.

Despite having trapped Volkanar, Anthony remains disturbed. For this was Volkanar only. There was no trace of the “dark force” that was supposed to be contained within the Pirodin. Where could it be? The answers could only be found back on Felora...


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Looks like there's a new mystery of what happened to the dark force.
Reminds me a lot of the wizard who impaled himself with Baal's crystal and forever struggles with the demon lord keeping it away from the world.
Matt Knab
Tal Rasha? :)
oh yeaaaaaah. Was this the first time Harbinger and D'Kan met?
oh yeaaaaaah. Was this the first time Harbinger and D'Kan met?
Matt Knab
They had met before at the Tower of Chaos (volume 9ish, I think), when D'kan used the demons as part of his plot to ressurect Daemon Ra.
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