Comic 319 - A Nameless Warrior, A New Path (Volume 12 of the Feloran Chronicles)

28th Jun 2014, 7:05 PM in Feloran History
A Nameless Warrior, A New Path (Volume 12 of the Feloran Chronicles)
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Matt Knab 28th Jun 2014, 7:05 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
D'kan and the vampire Anthony follow the nameless warrior out into the countryside to confront him about the source of his mysterious power. Trading a few blows to “demonstrate” the warrior's power quickly gets out of hand, and a full scale battle among the three breaks out. Anthony, despite his boyish appearance, proves to have a strength to match the other two. As he uses his true strength, D'kan realizes that he, too, is a Minion of Daemon Ra!
The warrior throws off his cloak, now just a hindrance in the battle, to reveal a gleaming crystal set into his battle armor. The gem flashes as the warrior renews his attack, throwing back the unprepared Anthony. Before the warrior can press his advantage, however, Criss intervenes! Unknown to either Minion, the supernaturally strong girl had followed them on their way out of the capital! Despite being entirely out of her league, Criss tries to protect her friend, Anthony.
The warrior stops his assault, unwilling to continue the fight for fear of hurting the innocent girl. Anthony, however, despite a scolding from Criss refuses to let the warrior flee – stepping forward and transforming into a hulking vampire lord! D'kan drags Criss to safety as Anthony and the warrior take their battle to the next level, devastating huge swaths of the countryside! From a distance, D'kan is able to analyze the warrior's power and the mysterious gem that seems to fuel it. Then, at a crucial moment, D'kan charges the warrior, tapping the crystal at his chest. Surprisingly, nothing seems to happen at first, and the warrior nearly strangles D'kan for his effort. Before he could, however, Criss charges in and lands a mighty punch directly on the crystal...and it shatters! Suddenly bereft of most of his strength, the warrior falls easily to D'kan and Anthony.

The huge battle did not go unnoticed, however. The Feloran Empire sends a team to investigate. By the time they get there, however, both D'kan and the nameless warrior are gone – both having escaped by their own means. Criss and Anthony gladly return to the Capital.
They were all, however, unaware of another who watched the aftermath of their ferocious fight. Parthan, psychopathic brother of the late Emperor Cinder, had lurked in the shadows. Now, he hold the shattered splinters of the warrior's crystal...

Time passes, and Yoshimuri the Third takes the group from Earth (Criss and Anthony, along with Ferah and her father) to a pond in a secluded spot in the Feloran mountains to relax before their trip back to Earth. Their frivolity is disturbed by Parthan, who appears suddenly to question Anthony about the warrior and the gem. He is falsely polite at first, but when Anthony declines to help him, Parthan's true intentions become clear. A quick, brutal attack incapacitates Anthony before he can react. The madman then turns his attentions on the youths. Parthan is all too familiar with Yoshimuri the Third's strength, so he threatens Ferah instead, prompting Yosh to surrender. Parthan did not expect his action to prompt Ferah's father to transform into a raging were-beast and attack! The werewolf was no match, though, and Parthan kills him with little effort. Infuriated by Parthan's murderous act, Yosh attacks with renewed fervor, quickly joined by Ferah, now transformed into a were-beast herself! Unlike her father, however, Ferah is somehow able to match Parthan's physical strength and very nearly crushes the Minion! Parthan, of course, teleports to safetly when it became clear he could not overcome her with brute strength. Together, Criss, Yosh, and Ferah are able to fend off Parthan long enough for Anthony to recover. With another Minion added to the force arrayed against him, Parthan escapes, but not before promising to return to finish what they had started.

Elsewhere on Felora, the human mage K'mael, frustrated over his defeat by the nameless warrior at the tournament, searches this new world for new magics to increase his power. He follows rumors of the dark sorcerer D'kan and locates the Minion's sanctum hidden deep in the Demon's Isle. It takes all of his magical skills to slip past Chaos and his demons and reach D'kan's study. The sorcerer was not there, thankfully, and K'mael searched his library for magical secrets. There, he finds a book far more important than any of the others. In it were both magic spells beyond any he had dreamed, but also a trove of prophecy. So engrossed in his find, K'mael did not notice that he had been discovered! Chaos and his demons attack, their dark magic raking forward to consume the human mage. K'mael reflexively holds up the book to shield himself. A huge flash of light erupts as the demons' magic and that of the book combine and both K'mael and the book vanish into a bolt of energy that tears its way out of the Demon's Isle and across the sea.
Later, K'mael wakes on the shore, book in hand, and eyes blank and white. The book's magic and prophecy flooded his being, filling him with new power, vision, and purpose.


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Great look at these characters. I really love the costume on the nameless warrior. To bad his gem won't last.

Lots of battling in this part. Criss landing that lucky punch seems like it might have a big impact on things later as Parthan now may have a potentially dangerous artifact. Although I wonder what it's powers will be now that it's broken.

I'm definitely interested in the contents of that magic book and what happens with K'mael.
Lots of interesting information here.
Matt Knab
Thanks! Yeah as I get closer to where I started on CF, the histories are getting much more detailed, as more recent events will be more important to the story moving forward.
This is definitely a turning point in K'mael's story, and a big step closer to how/where we see him now.
wow, I literally do not remember any of this. Always fun for a brush up.
Matt Knab
Same here, it's been so fun rereading these and making covers for all the ones that didn't have any!
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