Comic 308 - The Rise of the Feloran Empire (Volume 11 of the Feloran Chronicles)

14th Jun 2014, 4:40 PM in Feloran History
The Rise of the Feloran Empire (Volume 11 of the Feloran Chronicles)
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Matt Knab 14th Jun 2014, 4:40 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
The sorcerer D'kan found himself wandering the vast battlefield that remained in the wake of the civil war that he had instigated. He had been successful beyond his wildest imaginings. He had resurrected the demon lord Ra, claimed the power of a Minion as his own, and – wonder of wonders – had set events in motion that led to his “master's” demise. He had his power and his freedom both. But now...he found himself without the overwhelming sense of purpose that had driven him for years.

As he wanders the ruined land, he finds two survivors. One, the demon Skiff who had fallen in his battle with the human warriors. Second, an Avian soldier named Adele. D'kan feels compelled to revive them both. While the demon was easy to revive, Adele's injuries were severe. Refusing to fail in his attempt to save the young soldier's life, D'kan linked her to his own power – much as he had been linked to Ra's own. The three travel for a short time, but Skiff soon refuses to obey D'kan, forcing the sorcerer to protect himself and his Avian charge from the demon's wrath before Skiff flees into the night...

The Feloran Empire, with Everline as Empress and with individuals from among the New Empire, Imagarea, and Earthbound family, became a beacon of light for a people long living in chaos.

But peace, like all things, would not last.

The reformed Yoshimuri the Second detects a huge energy source far to the southwest. A party including Kylie, Warren Lee (a distant cousin to Everline and an Imagarean warrior), Gauntlet, and Conduit (another of Kylie's friends from Earth who has strong elemental powers) go to investigate. They follow the readings deep into a forest and stumble upon the secret home of the fey, and their protector, the elementalist Ki. Ki greets them with some suspicion, but not hostility. He even helps Conduit gain more control over her powers as an elemental. All is not well in the woods, however, as Ki explains to them that the greater fey war on the lesser. He is baffled by the behavior and is helpless to stop it. Kylie attempts to communicate with the lesser primordial fey in Ki's care telepathically but without success.

Not feeling particularly useful, Warren decides to explore a bit on his own. Wandering the woods, he comes across one of the greater fey, a fairy named Tori-anna. She tries to explain to Warren what is going on, but is interrupted by an attack of the lesser fey. Warren protects Tori from them, but his violent acts draw Ki's ire and the guardian attacks. At the same time, a small fairy army descends to join the fight against the lesser fey. A huge battle breaks out, but amid the tumult, Kylie senses something very wrong. The leader of the fairy army isn't a fairy at all, but the demon Skiff in disguise! Forced out of his disguise, Skiff attacks them. Faced with the combined might of the Feloran warriors, Ki, and the lesser and greater fey working together, Skiff was vanquished.

The woods were at peace once again. Tori, however, was banished by her kin for her involvement with the humans. The group happily offers her a new home at the Feloran Capital.

Meanwhile, D'kan brings Adele back to the Avian capital city. Many had died in the war, the capital was heavily damaged, and the Avians themselves were once again subjects of the Empire. D'kan offers Adele a way to help her people. He takes her on as his apprentice and begins to teach her sorcery.

Back at the Feloran Capital, the first Gathering is held. Many from Earth travel to Felora to participate in the grand tournament, the prizes offered too great to pass up. A nameless warrior appears and defeats all competition easily, defeating a human mage named K'mael in the final match. He declines any prize, however, and wanders away from the Capital into the countryside. Two observers follow - D'kan, who is interested in the nameless warrior's amazing strength, and the boy vampire Anthony, who is interested in them both.


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Man, that illustration is so sweet. Great work!
Matt Knab
Thanks, glad you like it!
I agree with Stever! Nicely done!
Matt Knab
Thank you!
Just finished reading the history portion of the page. Lots of great information! I'll always be in awe of the amount of detail you put into the universes that you develop into your comics.
Matt Knab
Hehe, sometimes it's a bit too MUCH detail!
Thanks a lot for reading! I always wonder when I do these history pages if my summaries are actually going to be read or not, so knowing that people are makes me happy. :)
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