Comic 277 - Traemin (Anthony)

4th May 2014, 8:35 PM in Minions of Daemon Ra
Traemin (Anthony)
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Matt Knab 4th May 2014, 8:35 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
The vampire Traemin was the first of Ra's Minions. His human form is that of a young boy, but he true form is that of a powerful vampire lord. While he was satisfied for a time under Ra's rule, Traemin eventually tired of the bloodshed and conquest as well as the chains of domination held by the Demon Lord. Traemin was among those that plotted Ra's death.

Many years later, Traemin settled down on Earth and took the name Anthony. Soon after, several surprises occured - the appearance of a whole new planet in the solar system (Felora) and the re-emergence of magic on Earth.
Then, IT happened. Ra was resurrected upon the strange new planet. The Minions all knew that this would happen. It had been prophesied. They would all come to bear witness to the events heralded by Ra's death. And Anthony would do what he could to protect these two worlds from the chaos and carnage that his fellow Minions would bring with them.


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Matt Knab
More recently, Anthony was involved in an...incident. I'll explain in more detail in the appropriate Feloran History entry, but the end result is that Anthony was forced to trap the soul of another ancient vampire lord within himself. Now, he must stay in his human form to stay in control. If he adopts his true vampiric form, the vampire lord Volkanar assumes control!
It's an evil version of Nail and Piccolo.
Matt Knab
Haha, maybe more like a Jekyll and Hyde thing. ;)
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