Comic 269 - 23.25

23rd Apr 2014, 4:29 PM in 23. The Invasion of Earth
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Matt Knab
Read more about Everline's "timeline" HERE.
Thanks for the link. It helps to reread certain parts.
Matt Knab
Sure thing! It's exactly why I'm doing the histories in my spare time. :D
Hm....I didn't take Everline for a consequentialist at first, but I see it now...
Also, I totally get what her father in law is saying--that happens in my job all the time o.O Old dogs and new tricks, and what not.
Matt Knab
I looked that up and learned something new! :)
Everline is doing what she thinks is best, that's for certain. She literally feels responsible for all of the lives on Felora AND Earth, and is doing what she can to safeguard them all (whether they like it or not!). Definitely a "needs of the many" situation.

The comment about the older pilots taking longer to adjust is actually a little joke regarding mecha anime and the fact that the pilots are almost always adolescents. George and Grithenn are both in their late twenties, however. That Everline calls them young is actually funny, because they are both slightly older than she is herself!
Haha well that's certainly more realistic than a teenage boy...I know I'd never want a teen flying my plane o.O
So in this timeline Yoshimuri 1st didn't go crazy.
Matt Knab
Well...he did, but they fixed him.

Yoshimuri the Third turned on his "father" and helped defeat him. Later, they found that the energy gauntlets that the Second used were driving him mad. Once removed for some time, he became much less power mad.
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