Comic 268 - 23.24

22nd Apr 2014, 4:03 PM in 23. The Invasion of Earth
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Hm, eliminate military effectiveness with minimal casualties...interesting strategy. Don't know if the people of Earth would still forgive her though for starting it all.
Matt Knab
I certainly doubt it. Her intentions might be good, but people rarely sympathize with invading forces!
I've read all these pages, and I STILL don't know what the heck is going on. :(
Matt Knab
Sorry! I'm always delighted to answer any questions you might have, however.
Right now, Everline (Empress of the Feloran Empire) has decided that Earth is too chaotic/weak and is going to take it into the Feloran Empire for its own good - conquering it by force if necessary. On these last few pages, she is meeting the pilots that will take part in the first military attack, should it come to that.
Good luck pilots, you're gonna need it.
Matt Knab
Yeah, and then some!
Great kid. Don't get cocky.
Matt Knab
It's fine line. :)
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