Comic 260 - 23.17

11th Apr 2014, 4:08 PM in 23. The Invasion of Earth
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Matt Knab 11th Apr 2014, 4:11 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Another fun fact: William Lee in the last panel is Warren's great-grandfather and Everline's great-uncle. Read a bit about William in Chapter 2 of the Feloran History.


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My great grandfather looked a bit older ;D
Matt Knab
Hehe, I'd imagine so. All of the Lee's descended from Cirro and Tore have some of the Aelisir still in them, so they age very, very slowly.
I'm really curious, how do you come up with all the unique yet so cool sounding names? Every time I try to think of a new unique name it sounds dumb...

Also, on a technical note, I'm not sure if you intended commas or periods in that first word bubble. Maybe it's just the font or I'm unable to discern from the dialogue what's up.
Matt Knab
Those are commas in panel 1. It's very hard to tell the difference with this font - my one big complaint with it, actually.

As for coming up with names, I do a few different things. Usually, I'll decide how I want it to sound first (long/short, soft/hard sounds) and then jumble appropriate sounds till I get something I like the looks of. Other times, I'll do a name based on another related word. For example Clan Allte is based on "altered" because they are the lycanthrope clan.
there are still members of House Lee alive? That's amazing.
Matt Knab
Most of them still live, actually!
The Aelisir, considered to be the fabled fountain of youth by some, that Cirro and Tore were exposed to granted them and their descendants unnaturally long life - along with some other benefits. It's not chance that the descendants of the two brothers are among the most powerful warriors alive, and tend to develop unique abilities.
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