Comic 258 - 23.15

9th Apr 2014, 3:55 PM in 23. The Invasion of Earth
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Matt Knab 9th Apr 2014, 3:55 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Scheduling announcement! I'm going to dial Felora back to a 5 page per week schedule, Monday through Friday, in order to continue to do color updates. Doing 7 pages of Felora AND 5 pages of Twilight Trust in color each week is just a bit too much, even with my new fast-coloring technique. This will give me the weekends to catch up on buffer pages. I will probably still do some "extra" pages on the weekends here and there as a bonus - like the character bios and history pages.


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I can't believe you update as much as you do. Five days a week with two comics is insane productivity :0
Matt Knab
Alright, cool, so I'm not a slacker for slowing down a bit. XD
I second Stever--you do an impressive amount of updating, even considering that you have a buffer! But I think cutting down on updates is well worth it for color. It really makes this comic pop ^_^
Matt Knab
Hehe, thanks!
Yeah, I think the color is really great. It's actually really cool to see stories that I wrote 10+ years ago come alive in color. :D
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