Comic 240 - Kylie

22nd Mar 2014, 11:25 AM in Characters
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Matt Knab 22nd Mar 2014, 11:25 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Kylie is an orphan from war-torn Earth. Despite suffering through the upheaval brought about by the sudden return of magic to the planet, Kylie always retained her positive, cheerful outlook on life. She gathered to her many other outcasts and wanderers and helped forge them into a family of sorts. Most notably, she befriended the demon behemoth Gauntlet, and the gentle giant has been her vigilant guardian ever since. Over their many adventures, she discovered that she had telepathic powers - powers that would grow to be quite formidable with time.

Later, she befriended Everline, who went on to become Empress of the Feloran Empire. Kylie now splits her time between living on Felora and visiting her old friends back on Earth.


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So earth has a dominant human population with other tribes of supernaturals, correct?
Matt Knab
Actually, with the violent return of magic to the world, there are very few "normal" humans left. The great majority of the population had some manner of magical heritage woken in them. The remaining non-magical humans formed a tribe of their own, relying on technology to even the playing field. One group of normal humans became known as The Hunters, as they hunted and killed the worst (in their eyes) of the magical beings. For a time, Cascade had joined The Hunters, though he eventually spurned them and the technology they embraced.
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