Comic 239 - Parthan

21st Mar 2014, 3:22 PM in Minions of Daemon Ra
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Matt Knab 21st Mar 2014, 3:22 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Parthan Lee, brother to Cinder and uncle to Empress Everline. Parthan was the second of only two Minions that Ra bonded upon his resurrection on Felora.
While Parthan's brother Cinder was able to overcome his madness during the later years of his life, Parthan embraced it. A murderous psychopath, Parthan glories in bloody combat and mayhem. He assisted D'kan in his plot to throw the Empire into chaos, not knowing that the real purpose was to resurrect the demon lord Daemon Ra. He was given an illusion that made him appear as a Wolven, one of the member races of the Empire, and helped sow discord and, eventually, civil war.
Upon Ra's rebirth, Parthan gladly accepted Ra's mastery over him, so long as it meant that he would receive even greater power to use against his brother. During the great battle against the demon lord and his Minions, Parthan was defeated and driven off by the unlikely alliance of Cinder and Travis Fargo. While Cinder did later perish of his injuries, Parthan has always felt cheated that he was unable to be truly "victorious" against his brother. He still prowls Felora, often in his Wolven illusion, as a dangerous and unpredictable element in a already chaotic world.


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A lone survivor, bereft of reason and left to his own devices - to kill and survive. He sounds like a Ronin, masterless and left to roam the world doing what he will...but an evil one at that.
Matt Knab
Yeah...Parthan is the ultimate wild card. No one really knows what he's going to do next.
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