Comic 238 - D'kan

20th Mar 2014, 4:46 PM in Minions of Daemon Ra
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Matt Knab 20th Mar 2014, 4:46 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
D'kan, the dark sorcerer.
Unknown to Cinder's New Empire, in a dark corner of Felora, the sorcerer D'kan plotted and schemed. He had found a book of great power - power of magic...and power of prophecy. The dark knowledge drove him to resurrect the demon lord Daemon Ra on Felora, and D'kan himself became the first of the demon lord's new Minions, gaining all the power that entailed.
But that was not all, for even while D'kan plotted Ra's rebirth, he also plotted his downfall. Pitting the Empire against Ra resulted in great death and destruction but, in the end, Ra was dead and D'kan was free to use his new power as he saw fit.
An odd thing then began to happen, however. D'kan found his mind began to clear of the madness that had gripped it so tightly. He was no longer driven towards a dark purpose and instead found himself directionless in a world that hated and hunted him. He disguised himself, and secretly watched over Felora as Ra's many Minions from his previous reign arrived on the planet one by one...


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Ooh, interesting. I'm guessing he's going to play a part in the upcoming story then. Just curious, do you plan to illustrate Ra's rebirth at some point? I'd be curious how that works and how he comes back so powerful every time.
Matt Knab
D'kan will definitely continue to be of importance in the story! Most recently, he was a spectator in the recent tournament (and had a brief confrontation with Belemon)!

I do mean to finish Ra's origin story, but switching Felora to color rather derailed that plan again. It's STILL on my to do list! I swear! XD

As for his rebirth, it only happened the once. Ra died at the height of his power ten thousand years ago, and was then ressurected by D'kan on Felora five-ish years ago. Now Ra is dead, and he won't be coming back for a third time!
I thought he looked familiar! Hm...I wonder how people will react if/when they find out...
Why do I feel like there is going to be some sort of conflict that will pit minion against minion? Or is that just wishful thinking?
Matt Knab
Oh, conflict between Minions is the standard. Even when Ra was alive, the Minions fought among themselves. Once he was dead, it only got worse!
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