Comic 237 - Daemon Ra and the New Empire's Fall (Volumes 9-10 of the Feloran Chronicles)

19th Mar 2014, 4:00 PM in Feloran History
Daemon Ra and the New Empire's Fall (Volumes 9-10 of the Feloran Chronicles)
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Matt Knab 19th Mar 2014, 4:00 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Cinder's new empire flourished and nurtured a land of peace. Unfortunately, it was not to last.
The sorcerer D'kan had plotted in secret to resurrect the long dead demon lord, Daemon Ra. The magics required to do so were massive, however, and demanded a blood sacrifice on a large scale. Thousands had to die to fuel the dark rites. So, D'kan engineered a civil war within the New Empire.
With the help of Cinder's psychopathic brother Parthan, D'kan manipulated the Avian and Wolven population to revolt. Simultaneously, he let be known to Imagarea and Fargo that the Empire was particularly vulnerable. Faced with assaults on multiple fronts, casualties mounted and D'kan was free to invoke his magics.
Daemon Ra was reborn.
In return for his actions, D'kan asked only to serve the demon lord. The sorcerer became the first of Ra's new Minions, linked to his enormous power and immortality, and Parthan was second.
Faced with this new, insanely powerful threat, Vague manages to convince the Imagarean forces to temporarily ally themselves with Cinder and his warriors.
None could even injure the demon lord, so great was his strength and magical might.
Ra leaves his two new Minions to "convince" the assembled warriors to serve, intent on Felora becoming the first world in his new campaign of conquest.
While all of the others face the two superpowered men, Vague calls on Charlatan one last time. He asks the Timetwister to help him gain the strength to defeat the demonic demigod. Charlatan does so, but calls in Vague's accumulated debt. If victorious, the warrior would leave Felora to serve him. Vague agrees.
Charlatan sends Vague through time and space to acquire a number of Artifacts that would expand and bolster the man's own formidable power, and then back to face Ra.
Human faced demon in a battle beyond mortal comprehension.
Meanwhile, the battle with the two Minions is going badly. Emperor Cinder lay dying. He uses his last moments to beg Fargo, his determined enemy, to help guide the Empire and bring peace to Felora.
In the end, Vague emerges victorious. Ra was dead once more. D'kan and Parthan, however, are able to escape in the wake of their master's demise. Vague himself is taken by Charlatan without even a moment to say his farewells, leaving the others to only guess his fate.
Bereft of both its Emperor and its greatest champion, and in chaos due to the civil war, the New Empire was in trouble. Cinder's daughter, Everline, becomes Empress. With the help of her friends and former enemies both, she leads the Feloran Empire into a new era.

Unknown to them, however, a new threat approaches. Ra's original Minions, still alive after ten thousand years, could feel their master's resurrection. Now their attention fell completely on Felora. Each would come, for prophecy and ambition drove them. Each had their own power and devious intentions.


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Matt Knab
This is an old picture that I drew for the cover of my "Battle against Daemon Ra" manuscript. That's right, it's a 70 or so page short story detailing the defeat of the demon lord! I really need to re-read this thing. :)
this is great backstory! I swear, if this gets really popular, you could make a Wiki page on it. :)
Matt Knab
There is certainly enough content in the story to write about!
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