Comic 213 - The New Empire and The Seige (Volumes 5-8 of the Feloran Chronicles)

23rd Feb 2014, 7:58 PM in Feloran History
The New Empire and The Seige (Volumes 5-8 of the Feloran Chronicles)
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Matt Knab 23rd Feb 2014, 7:58 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
While Imagarea helps guide Earth into a semblance of order, ruled by a coalition of Clans, trouble is brewing back on Felora. Cinder has gathered the intelligent beings of Felora – the Avians, Wolven, Minotaurs, and Centaurs – and formed a New Empire.

Vague and a handful of his allies return to Felora only to find that this New Empire is bringing relative peace and prosperity to the volatile world. Cinder himself, while still dangerous, seems to have overcome his madness.

His lead scientist and adviser, however, had not. Yoshimuri the Second, power mad clone of the Imagarean scientist Yoshimuri (later simply called “The First”), tapped into the energy of the Eternal Chaos in his desire to do away with the “Emperor” Cinder and take his place. Naming the reality warp the Siege Perilous, The Second banished the Emperor into another reality – unintentionally sending Vague and Gauntlet along for the ride!

They found themselves, yet again, in another alternate reality, shaped by the chaos energy. Here, they find a world where Cinder had never gone mad, and had even had a young daughter named Everline. The small group have several adventures in this new world, but eventually Vague must rely on the devious Charlatan to return them to their own reality. The Time Twister does return them, but they find that Everline was sent back with them!

In the time that they were gone, Yoshimuri the Second had taken over the New Empire. Suspecting they might return, the Second had created his ultimate weapon – a warrior genetically designed to be the most powerful fighter in existance. Yoshimuri the Third had been born.

Vague and Cinder are both defeated by the young clone. Everline, with her Lee heritage and Vague's training, is able to stand against the Third, but is unable to defeat him. In the face of her bravery, the Third refuses to fight any further. Turning on his father, the Third helps to liberate Felora from the Second's tyrannical grip.

Peace returns to the land, for a time.


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Matt Knab
I used my new quick-coloring technique for this pic. It took about an hour. Not amazing, but not terrible. Thoughts?
Looks great! That's pretty quick for results like this--do you think you'll have more color pages?
Matt Knab
Thanks! Yeah, I definitely want to do more color pages, so I'm experimenting with ways to color more quickly. :)
I think if you have a 300 page buffer you can take a break and colour more ;-)
Matt Knab
Both my comics are fully color now! I had to experiment with ways of coloring faster, and now I've got it down to 30-40 minutes per page.
Matt Knab
Thanks! This was one of my first "speed coloring" tests. :)
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