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21st Feb 2014, 4:29 PM in 22. The Fourth Gathering
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Matt Knab 21st Feb 2014, 4:32 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
So, the reason I had colored those last two pages was because those fancy energy wings were very important!
The only other character we've ever seen in Felora up to this point who has had that kind of power has been Daemon Ra himself.

Also, I just finished inking Volume 23! Woohoo! On top of that, I had already inked Volumes 24 and 25, which means I have a 300 (!) page buffer. I WILL have to do some touch ups on Vols 24 and 25, but nothing major. While I have that buffer in place, I will be drawing crazy amounts of new Twilight Trust pages, along with doing new color pics for Feloran History, Character and Minion bio pages.


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So Ra is actually dead? I'm curious too as to how Ra was killed...

It's insane how much of a buffer you have! I don't know how you can draw that fast >.<
Matt Knab
Yup, Ra is definitely dead! The first time, several thousand years before the story now, he fell to a plot devised by a group of his Minions. 5-6 years back, he was resurrected by the sorcerer D'kan, but was defeated by Felora's champions - though the battle also took both Cinder (the previous emperor and Everline's father) and Vague (Everline's mentor, the most powerful champion their world had ever seen, and...well, the story's main character at the time).

Finishing the History of Daemon Ra full color prequel story is on my to-do list this year before my buffer runs out, so you'll see more of the specifics later this year!

Back when I was writing the story for just myself and my close friends, I would draw a new page every day. Every day...for like 12 years... After these 300 pages, I have another 1200 or so drawn that I just need to ink, scan, and finish. I ALSO really want to do more color pages, but I really need to figure out a way to color a page that does not take 2-3 hours. I DID just color a page that's coming up in a few days with a new technique that brought it under an hour (with shading and glow effects even!). I'm thinking if I can flat-color a page in 15-20 minutes, I might try to start doing that. I'll count on all of you to let me know if it looks better or worse than the B&W version!
I'm sorry. Say again... A 300 page buffer?! I missed a lot.
Matt Knab
Yup, 300!
I finished inking volume 23 and was surprised to find volume 24 AND 25 already inked! They'll need some touching up, but that's a LOT of work that can go into coloring instead. :D
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