Comic 204 - Eliad Blaque

15th Feb 2014, 7:09 PM in Minions of Daemon Ra
Eliad Blaque
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Matt Knab 15th Feb 2014, 7:09 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Eliad Blaque, called The Black-Hearted by some.
Eliad is a master swordsman, and possesses a mystical artifact that can emit a powerful energy blade. Eliad was one of Ra's most feared soldiers, and was considered to be Mehdurian's lieutenant. For years, the two men spilled blood across worlds at Ra's behest.
But then came the time when Mehdurian pursued peace, and not violence. Mehdurian tasked Eliad with the protection of Floriel, the woman who would become Mehdurian's love. Eliad complied, and became a devoted protector. Eliad found he had a particular ability - he could completely re-assume the personality he had possessed at any time in his long life. So, as Floriel's protector, he became himself as a young man - cheerful, innocent, pure. The butcher known as the Black-hearted no more.
During the plot that lead to Ra's death, Eliad befriended fellow Minion Regallan Fashan and, after the demon lord's fall, the two made a pact to leave their killing days behind them. They traveled and had many adventures together over the centuries after Ra's death, until eventually, they were drawn to Felora...
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