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12th Feb 2014, 3:30 PM in 22. The Fourth Gathering
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Matt Knab 12th Feb 2014, 3:30 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Poor Ferah...She was trying to "metagame" the tournament, and hadn't counted on Allisten's sideboard...
If I had it to do again, I wouldn't have had this fight end quite so quickly. But, I had a lot to do in this Volume and I was running out of pages to do it in!


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Matt Knab
Also, yay, 200 pages!
Trickery! I should take a gun to these games if weapons are allowed. BOOM! Headshot. I win. Congrats on the 200th page!!
Matt Knab
Hrm, yes, I should review the fine print to see if firearms are mentioned!
This is what happens when you keep telling people your fighting tactic.
Matt Knab
Yeah, they should probably keep it to themselves, at least until after the fight is over!
I have to say I was expecting more from her :P
Matt Knab
She was overconfident and was caught by surprise. It won't happen next time. ;)
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