Comic 196 - Torlu

8th Feb 2014, 8:20 PM in Minions of Daemon Ra
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Matt Knab 8th Feb 2014, 8:20 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Torlu the troll gladly accepted Ra's power when the demon lord came to his world. After all, he enjoyed pummeling opponents, eating creatures that were smaller than himself, and generally having a troll-fun time. Ra offered him more of the same, with the added bonus of godlike powers and unnaturally long life.
Torlu was one of Ra's soldiers, a task he happily engaged in with his fellow Minions. He did not, however, get along very well with the more intellectual of Ra's servants. Magic, to Torlu, was unnecessary, unpredictable, and all too often made a mess of what should have been entirely straight-forward situations - and so, he held a certain disgust for those that specialized in the magical arts.
After Ra's death, Torlu reveled in his freedom, content to return to his own world and enjoy being a troll for many years.

After Ra's rebirth on Felora, Torlu, like all of the Minions, was compelled to travel to the faraway world. There, a series of defeats left the troll enslaved to fellow Minion Mehdurian. The enslavement was short-lived, however, as the human mage K'mael soon freed him from the Black Knight's hold. Grateful and intrigued, Torlu has accompanied K'mael on many adventures.


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Matt Knab
Torlu is another of my favorites, in part because he brings a certain humor to K'mael's adventures!
Douglas takes a lot of Torlu's humor as well as his penchant for pummeling.
Matt Knab
Haha, indeed!
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