Comic 188 - K'mael

2nd Feb 2014, 5:45 PM in Characters
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Matt Knab 2nd Feb 2014, 5:45 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
K'mael is a human mage from Earth who came to Felora during the first Gathering. He competed in the Grand Tournament, and was defeated in the final round by a nameless warrior (later revealed to be Hisan the Protector).
Frustrated by his defeat, K'mael began a quest across Felora to find ways to increase his power. He learned the location of the sorcerer D'kan's lair - the demon's isle - and he sought to steal the dark sorcerer's secrets.
K'mael successfully infiltrated D'kan's inner sanctum and pilfered the sorcerer's book of spells. He was not able to escape the isle, however, without drawing the attention of Chaos and his cadre of demons. Desperate, K'mael attempted to use the book of spells to defend himself. The book's magic and the demons' magic combined in an unexpected way, binding K'mael's soul and mind to the book.
It was then, with his mind opened to all the book had to offer, that K'mael realized that it was not just a simple book of spells, but a book a prophecy. So bound to the prophecies of the book, K'mael had a new help protect Felora from the many disasters that were in store for it!
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