Comic 179 - 22.47

26th Jan 2014, 10:13 AM in 22. The Fourth Gathering
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Just thought, your really good at the story development. It all flows and gets into drama. I feel that sometimes I may potentially I have a tendency to perhaps make it apparent that I drag stuff out too much... Know what I mean?
Matt Knab
Thank you!
I think the pacing for Felora just came pretty naturally. I drew a new page every day, and just let the story progress at it's own rate. The real challenge was creating characters that had depth and were interesting - once I had that, I just had to throw them into situations together and the story just grew from that.

I didn't really feel any pacing problems when reading through Taomam. Do you feel things are dragged out when reading through the old stuff, or while writing new stuff? Personally, I like stories that continue on for a few weeks. :)
Honestly I'm not sure. I don't think my skills as a writer could see it come to life and develop the way I imagine it.

The small story arcs on TAOMAM are sort of practice for me to write a larger story.

There's always been an idea knocking about. I wrote a script and Mike drew some concept art. Perhaps one day we might start it but would be a different comic entirely. I think TAOMAM will always be a gag-a-day thing. Who knows?!
Uh oh. His arrogance has ticked her off.
Matt Knab
That happens a lot with Bel. ;)
He's about to see her "point"
Matt Knab
Ha-ha, that's for sure!
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