Comic 178 - Belemon

25th Jan 2014, 6:43 PM in Minions of Daemon Ra
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Matt Knab 25th Jan 2014, 6:51 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Belemon, Magician Prime.
Belemon was a professor at an academy of magic when Ra first came to his world. Belemon's magical wards and enchantments repelled the demon lord and his Minions for quite some time. So long did Belemon foil Ra's conquest that, when the world finally fell, Ra took specific delight in torturing Belemon and killing all those he knew and loved. Only so thoroughly broken did Belemon finally succumb and accept Ra's power, and the eternal slavery that came with it.
Belemon was among the most disobedient of Ra's Minions, almost daring Ra to kill him. This only amused the demon lord, and earned Belemon frequent, painful reminders of his master's ultimate power. Belemon passed his frustration and hatred on to his fellow Minions, especially those that assisted in the fall of his world, earning him the outright enmity of many of them.
Immediately after Ra's fall, Belemon nearly perished in a battle with Eliad Blaque. In the aftermath of that battle, Belemon was approached by Phaithe, who no longer had any master to direct her nor any purpose of her own. Belemon asked for the emotionless assassin for help, and the two traveled together for many years thereafter.
Belemon first arrived on Felora during the third Gathering, appearing suddenly on the tournament grounds and brashly introducing himself. He challenges the Feloran warriors to a fight, mostly to be a distraction while Phaithe attempted to poison the Empress - an attempt foiled by a visitor from Earth. While Belemon was able to defeat his opponents without too much effort, he decides that he has seen enough. He announces that he is going to be an ally to the Feloran Empire, with or without their consent.
Unwilling to allow this obviously dangerous man to roam freely in the Empire, the magician Mai is recruited to counter Belemon's potent magic. Belemon is mostly amused by the young woman's efforts, but eventually agrees to be her "prisoner" if only to set the Felorans' minds at ease.


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Matt Knab
Author's note: Belemon is one of my favorite Minions. He's brash, arrogant, and sometimes downright obnoxious, but it's all to cover an extremely injured soul due to his tortured past.
Torlu, by the way, absolutely hates Bel, but I think that's because their personalities are actually quite similar.
Oh my I definitely need to see more of this...although you very vividly paint the anguish that Belemon felt at the hands of his enslaver (I refuse to call Ra his master). This is going to be someone to watch!
Matt Knab
You'll definitely be seeing much more of Bel!
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