Comic 177 - The Eternal Chaos

25th Jan 2014, 5:46 PM in Feloran History
The Eternal Chaos
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Matt Knab 25th Jan 2014, 5:46 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Years pass, and those living on Felora persevere through many challenges and foes. One day, the demon Chaos, frustrated with his many foiled attempts to defeat Vague and his allies, tries something new. He tears a passage into the plane of chaos itself, unleashing its reality-bending energy and focusing it on the human champion. Vague is torn out of his reality and sent plummeting through other worlds – each one where the path of history had been altered by the chaos of causality. It was there, adrift in shifting realities, that Vague discovered that he was being observed and manipulated by the Time Twister, Charlatan, who apparently had a stake in Vague's future. The near-omnipotent being gives Vague the information he needs to free himself from chaos realm, but reminds the man that there will come a day when his debt will come due.

Vague navigates to the core of the chaos and, with a mighty show of power, shatters its hold on him. The chaos energy ripples out, freeing Vague but swallowing all of Felora with one last pulse of reality altering madness. Felora itself is pulled from it's place in the cosmos and sent hurling through space and time and reality. As the chaos lifted, Vague and his allies find themselves in a whole new universe. One both familiar and strange at the same time. For they soon realize that Felora's orbit was now in the Solar System, and that Earth, destroyed years ago by Straxus' evil Empire, existed once again! And yet, it was not the Earth that any of them would recognize...
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