Comic 176 - Vague and Cinder

25th Jan 2014, 5:45 PM in Feloran History
Vague and Cinder
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Matt Knab 25th Jan 2014, 5:45 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
And so it came to be that a group of travellers claiming to be from the future arrived at the Imagarean settlement on Beta Earth. The group was lead by a man who called himself Inferno, but more importantly he brought with him the man named Peter Raihnnon, called Vague by the others. This group, and Vague even more so, demonstrated powers as great if not beyond those of the fourth generation of the House of Lee.

Shortly after their arrival, however, the House of Lee itself came under attack. Swiftly and silently, members of the Lee family were being assassinated one by one. Only a few were left when the villain behind the attacks was revealed. It was Cinder Lee, grandson of Tore, who was trying to kill off the other line of Lees. He had apparently inherited a sinister ability: to absorb a fellow Lee's life energy should one die in close proximity to him. By now, he had "collected" nearly every Lee, as well as the power of Aelisir within them. Not only that, but during a fierce battle with another of Imagarea's warriors, Cinder learned that his ability was not limited to his family, but rather to any living being of particular power. Now, Cinder was determined to take every Lee within himself and then do the same to every powerful warrior across the cosmos.

Eventually, only one Lee of Cirro's line remained alive. Her name was Crystal, and the traveller Vague was determined to protect her from the mad Cinder. In a final, cataclysmic battle, Vague used every last bit of his life energy to disrupt Cinder's own. In a flash, the life forces of all those Cinder had taken rushed out of him. Fueled by the massive discharge of aetherial energy, the life forces sped back to their rightful owners and many, though not all, were completely restored to life.
Vague himself appeared to have perished in his heroic defeat of Cinder, but such was not the case. He reappeared not long after, injured but alive. Cinder, too, had managed to survive, but would not be seen again for many years...


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