Comic 174 - The Old Empire

25th Jan 2014, 5:39 PM in Feloran History
The Old Empire
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Matt Knab 25th Jan 2014, 5:39 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
As the years passed after the Ceres incident, all those who were exposed to the Aelisir found that they were not aging as others were. Indeed, after a hundred years had passed, Cirro and Tore looked not a day past thirty. Not only that, but they were slowly becoming stronger and faster; and no matter the challenge, they found a way to emerge victorious.
Early on, the brothers parted ways. Tore left to join the pirates that Straxus had led, and in time came to be their commander. Cirro wandered for many years, eventually settling down to raise a family of his own. He had two sons, William and James, and in those two boys the powers granted by the Aelisir were even more pronounced.
While Cirro and Tore had their importance in history, it was the other two present at Ceres that truly shaped the era. Travis Fargo founded Imagarea, an orginization dedicated to bringing talented individuals together in the defence of Earth. He ran Imagarea secretly, while heading an intelligence network bent on sniffing out unseen threats. Meanwhile, Straxus traveled to neighboring worlds and gathered individuals of ambition. He made an army, sat a puppent emperor at its head, and set off for glory and conquest.
Even Imagarea could not hold off Straxus' forces for long, and soon had no choice but go into hiding and form a kind of underground resistance against Straxus' Empire. The future looked bleak, until William and James, now grown men, were drawn into the conflict. The strength they inherited from their father made them nearly invincible on the battlefield. Indeed, William, the weaker of the two brothers, alone and desperate, faced an enemy squad of over five hundred soldiers and emerged victorious with but a single wound to his eye.
All thought the tide of war had turned, for Straxus' forces were driven from Earth, but that was not nearly the end. The darkest day was perhaps when Straxus won James to his side with sinister promises of power and glory. A balance of sorts was struck, but while Earth struggled to recover, Straxus built a fleet the likes of which had never before been seen. In a devestating space battle, Straxus brought the full might of his evil science to bear.
Earth itself was destroyed.
While many escaped to outlying colonies, it was indeed a terrible blow.
Imagarea launched one last strike against Straxus' flagship, and with the help of James, who, horrified at what had occurred, betrayed Straxus and brought an end to what has come to be known as the Old Empire.
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