Comic 173 - Ceres and the Founding of the House of Lee

25th Jan 2014, 5:32 PM in Feloran History
Ceres and the Founding of the House of Lee
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Matt Knab 25th Jan 2014, 5:32 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Many years from now, humanity has advanced technology and taken to the stars, colonizing other planets and moons in the Solar System as well as creating huge orbiting habitats.

Two brothers, Cirro and Tore Lee, join a man named Travis Fargo, an information broker, on an adventure to find a hidden treasure on the asteroid Ceres. Their adventure is interrupted, however, by a crew of space pirates led by the devious Straxus. The promise of treasure saves the lives of the three, but none of them knew what they would find beneath the surface of the unassuming asteroid.

All were surprised that, once below the surface, Ceres mysteriously possessed a gravity field and a breathable atmosphere. The treasure at the center of the asteroid was a pool of glowing liquid that could apparently heal any wound – a liquid called the Aelisir, the mythical Fountain of Youth itself.

In the battle over the precious pool, Straxus' true nature was revealed. He was not human at all, but an incorporeal alien specter that could possess humans at will. It was only through the strange powers granted them by the Aelisir that the brothers were able to survive, defeat Straxus, and leave him floating in empty space. Cirro, Tore, and Travis did not know, however, that they would be changed forever by their contact with the Aelisir. Nor did they know that the specter, Straxus, stalked the void between stars with evil intent...
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