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31st Dec 2013, 1:17 PM in 22. The Fourth Gathering
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Matt Knab 31st Dec 2013, 1:29 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
At the Avian capital.
So, here are some important characters that I don't think have appeared online yet.

Quick version: D'kan (formerly evil sorcerer) and his Avian apprentice Adele have taken in Phaithe (Minion of Daemon Ra).

Long version: D'kan is a human sorcerer who, in his obsessive quest for power, resurrected the demon lord Daemon Ra and became the first of Ra's new Minions! At the same time, however, he helped engineer Ra's second downfall in order to be rid of his "master" and keep the power for himself. Over time, however, D'kan was able to shake off the madness that had consumed him and is now mostly trying to keep to himself , disguised as an Avian nobleman, and even helps prevent the odd disaster or two. Despite his change of heart, he's still basically Felora's most wanted criminal.
Adele is an Avian sorceress that D'kan took in as his apprentice. While she knows of D'kan's troubled past, she has first-hand knowledge only of the newer, "nicer" D'kan.
Phaithe is one of the many Minions of Daemon Ra that came to Felora following Ra's rebirth and defeat. She was a master thief and assassin, but had been under a powerful enchantment that left her without emotion. D'kan freed her from enslavement to Mehdurian, and broke the enchantment, freeing her to be a "normal", feeling human being again for the first time in thousands of years.


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Matt Knab
Also, apparently Felora has received over 1000 visitors since I've started posting in October.
That brought me back. Still a bit shaky on the order of everything. Finishing this will help. Should point out who's Adele and who's Phaithe.
Matt Knab
Ah, yeah, I should say which one is which!
Adele, D'kan's apprentice, is the black-haired avian woman in the tower behind him. Phaithe is the one flying in panel 1, though the wings are actually an illusion to help her fit in there at the Avian capital.
Ok, so is Phaithe the one who, when asked by Medhurian what she wanted, said to live in peace?
Matt Knab
Nope, that's Floriel. Phaithe does appear on one page of the History of Daemon Ra, as Ra binds her as a Minion.
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