Comic 128 - 22.2

17th Dec 2013, 5:25 PM in 22. The Fourth Gathering
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Jeeeez. That 4th panel. Is Ceres even in any of the earlier sketchbooks? Or would he be in Sketchbook -2 or something?
Matt Knab
Yes, leave it to Straxus for pointing out that this story has so much back-story that even its author has a hard time keeping track of it all. His evil is sometimes such a subtle thing. ;)

Volume 1 proper started with Vague's stories (and Kylie, Gauntlet, and their friends on Earth), so...generation 3?
Cirro/Zero and Torre/L'tor and their adventure to Ceres, generation 1, was mostly told in a short story I wrote ages ago (Not comic form, actual book form). James, William, and Shanna against Straxus' Empire, generation 2, isn't really written down anywhere, sadly.

Daemon Ra's rebirth somewhere around Volume 10 was the transition to generation 4.
Good Lord I had no idea this story had so much backstory to it. If you gathered all of these notes up and started from the beginning you'd have a hell of a novel set on your hands!
Matt Knab
I actually have several short novels written...they're just not terribly good. I am in the process of writing up some history summaries for the comic!
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