Comic 126 - 22 Cover

12th Dec 2013, 6:03 PM in 22. The Fourth Gathering
22 Cover
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Matt Knab 12th Dec 2013, 6:05 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Here's the cover for Volume 22. It's actually one of the very first covers I ever colored in photoshop!

I'll be back Monday with regular daily updates for Vol 22. In the meantime, go check out my other book at:


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I know it's more work but you should consider colouring ALL your pages. It brings another level of epic to the story.
Matt Knab
God, I would love to. When I get a bit further in the story, I might slow down to maybe 2 or 3 pages a week, but color them all. I REALLY want to get to vol 24 first, though, because one of my favorite arcs starts there!
Right now, my art time is limited and split between Felora and Twilight Trust. I need a cloning device or just more hours in the day!
Oh WOW! That is such a nice cover! I love the picture of the guy with the "gem" (?) in his eye.
I did some small peeking into the next stories while browsing through pages and I've seen totally new sets and characters. Does that mean we're totally over with previous ones and it's a totally finished story and we will never see them again?
Matt Knab
Oh, we will DEFINITELY see them again! K'mael, Torlu, and Mileena take center stage again in Volume 24. I just have a few groups of main-ish characters that I rotate between.
Thanks for all the comments! I love em. Expect lots of replies later today!
I will :D
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