Comic 110 - 21.82

24th Nov 2013, 7:53 PM in 21. A Fate Yet to be Sealed
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I make cascade's voice sound like Magneto in MH. :)
Man. No magic cause of your artefact. She cannot be controlled right now.
Matt Knab
Logic! What is this? ;)
Well, he clearly is the fighter, and not the thinker :P
Hard to argue on physics of magic, but if a tree thrown with magic from outside of no-magic range, remains flying, then effect of brainwashing spell can last after the spell was casted (if this is permanent effect type of brainwashing, at least.
Matt Knab
Well, after the tree was thrown, normal physics took care of the rest.
You're right, though, that the type of mind control could be permanant. Any enchantment would be dispelled, but something that affected the mind on a physical level wouldn't be reversed by this.
Fortunately, there's no mind control of any kind at work here.
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